Why Use CalGamesWanted as Your Team’s Scheduling App?

If you’re the coach or administrator of a high school team in California, you need to know about CalGamesWanted. Our state-of-the-art sports scheduling software is changing the way coaches manage their sports teams. Whether you’re in charge of Varsity, pre-season, or summer leagues, CalGamesWanted makes coaching a breeze. Learn more about why you should use our scheduling app, then register your team today.


Efficiency and Time-Saving

Sports scheduling software saves a lot of time and effort, allowing coaches and administrators to put more focus on the game. Using CalGamesWanted, they can register teams, identify available opponents, and track upcoming games and rosters. With all that time saved, coaches can spend less time scheduling and get back to training.


Improves Communication

Did you know CalGamesWanted improves communication between coaches, administrators, referees, and players? Our online tools provide updated information on matches and game dates, ensuring everyone is always on the same page.


Unlimited Game Potential

When using our sports scheduling software, teams have unlimited game potential. That’s because our app makes it easy to find other teams to scrimmage or play against, leading to an endless number of match possibilities.


Improves Flexibility

With CalGamesWanted, coaches and administrators can make last-minute changes to a game schedule, such as rescheduling games due to cancellations or adjusting team rosters. This level of flexibility becomes crucial because unforeseen situations can occur at any moment, and coaches must be prepared.

Now that you know what our sports scheduling software has to offer, it’s time to give CalGamesWanted a try! Register your team today and see how our app can transform the way you coach.

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